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Technical grilles and drainage channels, manholes and gutters, fittings and systems for construction, PE and PVC pipes, cables and corrugated pipes


Coes Company offers the market a wide and innovative range of products and systems for plumbing and sanitary drainage systems, cold and hot water supply and heating systems; hydraulic infrastructures with sewer pipes, pipelines under pressure, aqueducts, GAS networks.


It has been operating in the field of thermo-hydraulics since 1965, building over time a solid reputation and image of itself in the major world markets. The vast assortment of products offered is able to satisfy the widest needs in the installation of heating, lifting, storage and water treatment systems.


Hfiltration realizes systems for air purification and filtration to protect the environment, interacting with the customer to give an attentive, punctual and tailor-made service according to his needs. A commitment that materializes not only in the design phase, but also in the after-sales phase, creating a real stable relationship over time.


Specialists in the production of cast iron solutions for the world of infrastructure, industry, precision mechanics, the automotive and hydraulic sectors, Montini SpA has always been a symbolic company of Made in Italy.


Polieco Group, present in 4 different countries (Italy, France, Greece and Slovakia) with 6 production plants, represents one of the leaders at European level for the production of corrugated pipe systems in high density polyethylene.


Tivoli Jet s.r.l. for over forty years, it has been a reliable and professional partner in the ecological services sector. It uses a significant operational structure, with a headquarters equipped with special equipment, state-of-the-art means of transport and specific, modern and advanced technical-instrumental resources.


Vibrocesano is a company that produces concrete products using the manual method, as the old cement workers taught, vibrating by hand: hence the name Vibrocesano. Over time, Vibrocesano has specialized in the production of products with the continuous demoulding method.


Volteco offers products for waterproofing walls, surfaces and masonry, for the protection of plasters, for smoothing and restoration, sealants and waterproofing products for construction, waterproof smoothing compounds for facades, bentonite and cementitious products.

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