Eco Sistemi

It's a company specialized in water treatment

Born from the experience of professionals who have been present in the water management and recovery and purification markets for twenty years

About us

Eco-sistemi offers itself to the Italian and European market with a wide range of plant and design solutions, designed for the most diverse customer needs. L’attività aziendale spazia dalla fornitura degli impianti alla consulenza tecnica e progettuale proposta ai tecnici ed ai loro committenti. Eco-sistemi svolge anche un’intensa attività di promozione e formazione presso Enti gestori di reti fognarie ed acquedottistiche, uffici tecnici, studi di progettazione e installatori specializzati.

Eco-sistemi e’ strutturata in n. 6 divisioni aziendali: acqua prima raccolta, depurazione acque, pozzetti d’ispezione per fognature, tubazioni per fognature ed acquedottistica, drenaggio e suolo e cabine bagno mobili.


Characterized by a wide range of polyethylene and GRP tanks, outdoor and underground containers that reach a capacity of 100,000 liters, ideal for storing drinking water but also for the transport and temporary containment of food and chemical products and for industrial applications.


Characterized by systems for the purification of civil and industrial wastewater, through modular elements and / or monoblocks such as: septic tanks, Imhoff-type septic tanks, aerobic and anaerobic percolating filters, blown air percolating filters, phyto-purification systems, biological sludge purifiers active, biofiltration and microfiltration all designed and manufactured in compliance with Legislative Decree 152/06, UNI ENVIRONMENTAL TEXT and certified according to UNI EN 12566, degreasers / desanders made and certified in compliance with UNI EN 1825-1, screening stations, accumulation, drainage and sub-irrigation systems, disinfection systems, flush shafts and lifting stations. Eco-systems also manufactures a complete range of purifiers for the treatment of wastewater from yards, workshops and car parks, called first rain, hydrocarbon separators designed and manufactured in compliance with the UNI EN 858 standard, wells for screening the washed water, mud traps and carbon and sand filters and purifiers for car washes. In addition, the company builds rainwater recovery systems for irrigation and industrial uses (toilets, laundries ...) in compliance with UNI TS 11445.


Characterized by a complete range of modular and / or monobloc inspection systems, trap doors and related accessories (curves, slings, sleeves and special pieces) used in the construction of sewer networks: white water and black water. These systems guarantee the sealing of the sewer networks (and consequently the protection of the aquifers) resisting any aggression of acids and chemical agents. The inspection wells of Eco-systems are made in compliance with the En 13598-2 standard. The range of manhole covers, drains and water drainage channels in ductile iron certified UNI EN 124 complete the range.


Characterized by compact PVC and smooth and structured double-walled polyethylene pipes, 100% recyclable, for sewage (white and black water) and aqueduct uses, offered to the market with the entire series of fittings and special pieces necessary for the completion of the designed networks. The entire range of pipes is accompanied by the most important Italian and European certifications, a necessary condition for their use.


Characterized by high-end products in plastic materials, 100% recyclable, intended for drainage systems (fittings, non-return valves, wells and siphons ...) and for soil and rainwater drainage (channels and grids, siphoned wells ...) all made and certified in compliance with the specific regulations of the individual products.


Characterized by a complete range of chemical (individual and for disabled) hydraulic toilet cubicles and shower cubicles, all made with 100% recyclable plastic materials, intended for road and construction sites but also used for public and private events serving large flows of public such as sporting events, fairs, festivals, concerts, railway stations, tent cities. Eco-systems' mobile bathroom enclosures are made with an innovative design and proposed in many aesthetic and chromatic solutions. The mobile bathroom cabins are equipped with all the accessories necessary for specific customer requests (mirrors, hangers, clean water washbasins, lifting and transport systems ...) and can also be supplied with internal lighting systems, guaranteed by a photovoltaic panel inserted in the roof.

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