About us

Company specialized in the construction and/or supply of systems for the collection, conveying, treatment and recovery of waste and meteoric waters.

Our products

First collection water tanks, Waste water treatment, Rainwater recovery, Mobile bathroom cabins.

Our partners

Technical grids and drainage channels, Manhole covers and drains, Fittings and building systems, Pe and PVC pipes, Cable ducts and corrugated pipes.

Our services

Assistance for the design, installation and after-sales management of purification plants.

How to contact us

For any commercial, technical or other information we are at your disposal.

Design, consultancy, production and supply company of domestic, urban, industrial, storm and run-off water treatment plants. In addition to the classic primary treatments such as septic tanks, Imhoff type tanks, grease separators, grating stations, the range also includes the supply of equipment for medium-large systems such as rotavers, channel grids, etc. The proposed secondary treatments such as activated sludge purifiers, total oxidation purifiers, sludge recirculation purifiers with air-lift technology, anaerobic percolator filters, aerobic percolator filters, insufflation air percolator filters comply with the Consolidated Environmental Law DLvo 152/06 . The range of products for the treatment of domestic, urban and industrial wastewater is completed by tertiary finishing treatments such as carbon and quartzite filters, biofiltration plants, MBR plants, disinfection systems, etc. The products for the treatment of rainwater runoff and for the first rainwater, ranging from primary treatments such as grating, traps for sludge mud, secondary treatments such as deodorants / oil separators, deodorers / oil separators with coalescence filter, tertiary treatments such as filtration on coals, etc. The range is completed in addition to the accessories such as draining wells, fiscal manholes, dispersing wells, wells for expulsion even from a complete range of systems for the recovery of rainwater for irrigation and domestic use, not complete with filtration section, section of accumulation, pumping section and any accessories all conforming to UNI / TS 11445: 2012. In addition, the company ECO-SISTEMI is proposed as a reference for construction and road construction companies and for the construction resales of the Marche and Abruzzo region for consultancy and supply of building products of important national brands such as: - Manhole covers and machicolations in cast iron - Drainage channels, seals and technical gratings - Fittings and building systems - Smooth PVC pipes for construction and sewerage - Corrugated pipes for sewerage and conduits - PE pipes - Accessories for PE pipes - Pipes d ' sewage inspection