General conditions of Sale

Foreword The present conditions of sale are considered known by all buyers; the ns. sales, unless otherwise stipulated, are carried out under the general conditions that follow, each order transmission implies the acceptance without reservations by the buyer.

Orders The purchase orders that take place either directly by fax or e-mail, or through our sales network, are always understood to be subject to the general conditions that follow and always "subject to approval by the seller", meaning that they are definitively accepted only upon presentation of order confirmation to be returned signed for acceptance.

Prices / Invoicing / Payment The sale takes place at the list price in force at the time of the order, which is understood as excluding VAT. Our offers are always without obligation, except ns. different express indication, and subject to the present general conditions; in the offers a term of validity is indicated that is intended as indicative within the deadline. The products will be invoiced at the prices in force at the time of the order, within the reference month of the goods delivery and with VAT applied according to the rules in force at the date of invoicing. The invoice will be registered in the order and will be issued according to the current tax law; it will therefore be the buyer's responsibility to verify and inform the seller for any variation or integration that may modify the data held by Eco-Sistemi, and this at the time of the order, then before issuing the invoice. The payment of our supplies must be made in the manner and within the terms provided in the order confirmation. Delays in payment, even partial, of our invoices and any non-contractual renewals of the effects give rise to the immediate expiry of the default interest at the official discount rate increased by 5 points, furthermore any costs of stamp duty are entirely charged to the customer. Failure or delayed payment of the invoice gives us the right to request for the remaining orders or contracts in progress the advance payment, and to consider them resolved or suspend or cancel them, without the buyer being able to make claims for compensation or indemnity or reserves in this regard.

Properties of the goods The ownership of the goods is transferred to the purchaser only upon payment of the agreed price.

Complaints Any complaints must be made in writing at the time of the unloading of goods and with an annotation on the Transport Document; to report any hidden defects it is necessary to provide all the necessary documentation to the Eco-Systems technicians (photos, reports, etc.) for the determination of the disputed. After the verification of our technicians, if the complaint is founded, and excluded from the guarantees described below for which Eco-Systems does not answer, our obligation is limited to the replacement of the goods, in the same place of delivery of the original supply, upon return of this. It is excluded any right of the buyer to request the termination of the contract or the reduction of the price, in any case, the compensation for damages and the reimbursement of expenses incurred in any way. Complaints do not entitle the buyer to suspend the payment of the invoice relating to the disputed goods.

Shipping / Transport / Packaging / Terms of Delivery Eco-Systems products do not require packaging unless otherwise specified on the order confirmation. The yield of the goods is always meant "franco ns. establishment". The goods always travel at the risk of the customer even if sold in free port and transported by our means. Any destination of goods other than the registered / administrative office of the company must be expressly indicated at the time of order, it must also be indicated the reference person and the respective telephone number to be contacted at the time of delivery; it is the buyer's commitment to worry and ensure that everything is set up for the discharge to receive and unload the goods. Eco-Sistemi assumes no responsibility for damages that may occur during the transport of the goods, for which the related conditions must be checked upon receipt; any claim or dispute for damages of the goods must be done immediately and with an annotation on the delivery note to be sent promptly by fax or e-mail, in order to allow us to proceed, as far as it is responsible, towards the conveyor. The delivery terms shown on the offer and on the order confirmation are indicative; any delays can not in any case give rise to compensation for damages or even partial termination of the contract, unless these conditions have been expressly accepted by us at the time of the contract or the order confirmation. In any case, delivery time and organization of the shipment will be carried out proceeding according to care and experience and with the communication to the customer of the goods ready for delivery.

Warranty The materials are guaranteed by us in all respecting the characteristics and conditions specified in the order confirmation and certification / technical card issued by our technical department. Eco-Sistemi assumes no responsibility for the applications, installation, testing and in any case operations to which the material will be submitted to the buyer or whoever will be subjected to it. All products that are found to be defective due to imprudence, inexperience, negligence in the use of materials, or incorrect installation or maintenance by unauthorized and qualified persons, for damages deriving from circumstances that, in any case, can not be covered by warranty coverage be traced back to manufacturing defects. Eco-Sistemi disclaims any responsibility for any damage that may directly or indirectly derive from persons or things as a result of incorrect installation, use and maintenance of the products sold. Eco-Systems products are equipped with technical data sheets, certification according to current standards, and interrouding and maintenance procedures carried out according to care and experience and with the communication to the customer of goods ready for delivery.

Force majeure In cases of force majeure and in others provided by law, as well as for alarm, mobilization, war, fires, occupation of establishments etc ... and any impediment that does not depend on our fault the buyer is not entitled to compensation, compensation or refunds and must, if required, pay for the goods already prepared or in progress.

Place of jurisdiction The competent court and explicitly accepted by the buyer for any dispute concerning the application, interpretation, execution of this contract, is the Court of Ascoli Piceno.